News Centre –TDO- 08.10.2017 "Embassy Tennis Tournament" has started for diplomats who are working in embassies and foreign missions, foreigners and their families.  The first day competitions of the Embassy Tennis Turkey Tournament, which aims to bring the strangers living in Ankara together and make a contribution to Ankara's social life, has began.

Embassy Tennis tournament organized by Çınar & Çınar Law Office, a law office which serves on the international scene, is held for the eighth time this year. The Embassy of Luxembourg hosted the tour, in which approximately 70 of the Embassies in Ankara have participated. 18 matches will be played on the first day of competitions which will be held on October 07-08 and 14-15. Competitions in the categories of Women's Single, Men's Single, Double Mixed, Men's Double and Women's Double will take place on the 5-6-7- and 8-th courts of the Ankara Tennis Club.