On Friday, September 2, two bombs went off near a district court located in Pakistan’s northwestern town Madran, killing at least 12 people and injuring 40 others. Security officials said that there are civilians, lawyers, and police personnel among the victims.Earlier on the same day, four suicide bombers who were trying to attack a Christian colony by detonating their explosive-laden vests were shot dead by security forces outside the city of Peshawar. The responsibility for the attack has been claimed by the Taliban-linked terrorist group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, who is also responsible for a string of violent attacks to have hit Pakistan in recent weeks. In early August, the terrorist group carried out a suicide attack at a hospital in the Pakistani city of Quetta and claimed more than 70 lives.On Thursday -just one day before the attacks- Pakistani army gave a press conference and stated that they had been able to substantially decrease the number of attacks and maintain control in the country.In light of this, it is certain that Friday’s attacks going to damage the legitimacy of the army in public’s eyes and increase the pressure on the government.Ata Mert ALADAĞ

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