Mustafa AY – TDO – 09.07.2018 Dutch authorities have expelled 2 Iranian diplomats. Right after Germany, Belgium and France announced detainment of 6 people, who were allegedly plotting to organize bombing assail on İranian opposition group’s rally in Paris, Dutch administration decided on deportation of Iranian diplomats. As far as understood from coinciding both incidents, Netherlands might consider bombing plot related to those 2 Iranian diplomats.

After Netherlands’s expulsion of Iranian diplomats, Bahram Quasemi –Spokesman of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- released critized and denounced Dutch authorities. Kasemi regarded Amsterdam’s act of deportation as unconstructive and hostile. According to Kasemi, Netherlands’s actual purpose on act of expulsion is to sabotage Iran’s normalizing relations on the basis of 6-1 Nuclear Accord with 3 European  nations. Finally, Kasemi underlied that Iran will take necessary measures against Netherlands since they have right of reciprocity ın international arena as do other nations.