Military Coup planned by FETÖ schemed against Turkish democracy on the night of 15 July 2016, took its place in Turkish political history as a disgrace. A declaration has been made through TRT and Turkish Armed Forces official web site in the failed coup attempt, curfew and martial law has been declared. As AKP, CHP and MHP representatives and President Erdogan protested strongly against the coup, President Erdogan called public to go out and say no to the attack. The coup attempt has been smothered by armed security forces and public. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım announced there is close to 2800 soldiers got arrested who have been prosecuted as suspects of the coup; 145 civillians, 60 police officer, 3 soldiers 208 have been killed as 1491 are wounded. As the incident that come to the fore of Turkey also created reactions in the foreign press, many foreign news channels announced the coup as breaking news. Here are some examples of how the failed coup attempt have been evaluated on the foreign press.English The Guardian newspaper has announced the news of attempt by the title “ Military coup attempted in Turkey against Erdogan”. Identities of the culprits and the reasons why the coup has been failed are the questiones have been focused on in the other related news of the Guardian as long-term effects of the attempt has been discussed. The Guardian journalist Ranj Alaadin commented that the process after the attempt will be bloody and repressive.
Washington Post evaluated the attempt by taking US-Turkey relationship into consideration. The newpaper pointed out seperation in the Turkish Army after the military coup attempt and emphasized this seperation will cause uncertainity in the Turkey’s war against ISIS.Wall Street Journal evaluated the coup’s effects on the economy, pointed out that Turkish Lira which lost value against US Dollar with the attempt started tor ise to normal levels. It announced the news that Turkey Central Bank will provide liquid Money to stabilize the economy. Emre Peker also evaluated the coup attempt, Peker pointed out it was Erdogan’s luck that missiles has missed as he used technology and social media; hence he parried the military coup. According to German media, Prime Minister Merkel’s spokesman stated that the coup attempt will not affect the refugee aggrement between Turkey and Germany.According to Russia Today, NATO states’ attitude on the coup attempt will worsen the relationship betweet Turkey and NATO. The newspaper which reminds that Erdogan wanted from Obama for Fethullah Gülen’s return also stated Erdogan is getting more and more authoritative.Japan news introduced Turkey’s history with military coups. Japan News that transmits the developments on time pointed out Erdogan’s words “They will pay heavily fort his treason” as adding US Foreign Minister’s Kerry’s statement on the support for Turkey.The coup attempt also got attention in India. India Today announced the attempt with the title “Turkey coup attempt: Over 250 killed, 3000 rebel soldiers detained”. The news website Indian Express announced the news with title “The failed coup: Unravelling of Turkey’s Islamist ascendancy” as it concludes the incident as Fethullah Gulen’s failure who explained his Islamic State desire with his words in 1998 “You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach the very centres of power”. According to the website there are two ways for Turkey. Unravelling of Islamic ascendancy or to hold on to power with even more repression.