İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-15.10.2017- Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made his second big confession about his administration’s foreign policy mistakes. He said UK and other states did wrong to obey Israel’s demand to boycott Hamas when they won the elections in 2006.

In an interview, conducted for a book about the issue, former habitant of the Downing Street said “In retrospect I think we should have, right at the very beginning, tried to pull [Hamas] into a dialogue and shifted their positions. I think that’s where I would be in retrospect’’. He added “But obviously it was very difficult, the Israelis were very opposed to it. But you know we could have probably worked out a way whereby we did – which in fact we ended up doing anyway, informally.”

At the time, Israeli government insisted that international community should boycott Hamas unless it accepts to agree to recognize Israel, renounce violence and abide by previous agreements between its Fatah predecessors and Israel. The ultimatum was rejected by Hamas.

Actually, it was not Blair’s first ‘’regret’’ or ‘’self-critique’’ regarding his foreign policy decisions. After the release of the Chilcot Report in last year, he said that he was sorry about 179 British martyrs and worded ‘’ "The intelligence evaluations turned out to be wrong, the post-intervention environment was long-suffering, bloody when it was thought of." Nevertheless, he defended his decision since the nature of Saddam Husain’s leadership and claimed that now World is a better and more secure place’’.


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