Mustafa AY – TDO – 24.08.2017 Joseph Aucoin, Commander of 7th fleet of US Navy, has just been dismissed by Admiral Scott Swift, Chief Commander of Pacific Fleet of US Navy. Admiral Swift attributed Aucoin’s removal from the position to the collisions of both US destroyers –USS Fitzgerald and USS John McCain- with commercial vessels within 2 months, as a result of his failure in regulating the formation of 7th fleet. Chief Commander also added that he indirectly led the tens of soldiers to die and get wounded. Following those disjunctive happenings, “We lost reliance on Aucoin’s ability to lead the fleet” said Swift. Therefore, Chief Commander relieved Aucoin of duty and then, appointed Admiral Phil Sawyer to the 7th fleet.

Today, 7th fleet is comprised of 40.000 soldiers, roughly 70 warships and submarines and 140 aerial vehicles. US Pacific Command sent large part of the Pacific fleet to North Korea on account of its threatening attitude and South China Sea because of Chinese Navy’s illegitimate presence in the sea. Currently, US army does not want the enemies, abovementioned countries, to see the fleet’s incapability and rawness to possible regional war, as the tension is deteriorating. That’s why, Admiral Scott Swift dismissed Aucoin from the duty. 

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