İrem UZUN -TDO- China has criticized technology giant Apple for allowing an app that tracks Hong Kong police and protests on the iPhone App Store. People’s Daily, The Chinese Communist Party newspaper, accused Apple of “guiding Hong Kong thugs” by making the app available. Apple originally pulled the appbut returned it after massive backlash against bowing to the demands of China.

An opinion article in People’s Daily says Apple’s approval for the app helps rioters.  The article then cautioned: “The map app is just the tip of the iceberg”.It alleged that a song advocating “Hong Kong Independence” had appeared on the “Apple Music Store” in the southern Chinese city, then issued an ominous warning.“Nobody wants to drag Apple into the lingering unrest in Hong Kong. But people have reason to assume that Apple is mixing business with politics, and even illegal acts. Apple has to think about the consequences of its unwise and reckless decision,” the article said.

Apple, which has a huge presence in China, has not responded to the accusations yet.