Mustafa AY- TDO-27.11.18 On Sunday, a vicious and cruel chemical assault on civilians unfolded in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta in Syria's capital Damascus. According to Britain-based human rights organization "The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", Syria's Assad Regime used chemical gas 'Chlorine' to neutralize opposition in the area. However, as a result of attack, I child was murdered as well as 18 got heavily injured from their lungs insomuch bad that they couldn't inhale properly. Those injured were taken to hospital for urgent oxygen treatment. In light of all terrible happenings, British NGO called on UN to take firm and deterrent action against Assad Regime to avert the same inhumane assaults in the future.

Following rapid diffusion of this assail, Kremlin as 'the close ally of Assad' put forward an unfounded allegation of that the opposition forces carried out the attack. According to statement, Kremlin assigned some experts specialized in chemical weapons to observe the area. As a result of observations, Assad Regime Forces cannot be held accountable for the assault, but the opposition forces for sure, Russia claims. However, since Assad Regime's near past is full of nerve agent attacks - last of attacks proved to be far away from ungrounded allegation though the inquiry of U.N. and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in April, 2017- credibility of Russia's report automatically undermined.

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