Mustafa AY – TDO – 03.06.2018 On Satuday, pro-separatist Quim Torra and his cabinet swore an oath in Catalan Parliament so as to come to power. At the moment Torra administration took oath, Spanish central government’s direct rule over Catalonia automatically ended. Following the ceremony of oath, Torra addressed the parliament and stated that they will struggle for seceding Catalonia from Spain. As known, right after the independence referandum took place in the last October, Spanish central government dissolved Catalan Parliament and apprehended many pro-secessionist Catalan representatives. With the dismissal of parliament and government, Rajoy administration suspended autonomous rule of Catalonia for about 8 months. But, that the direct rule of Spanish central government over Catalonia ended coincided with resignation of Rajoy administration. In Madrid, Spanish Parliament held vote of confidence for Rajoy administration. As a result of vote of confidence, absolute majority in the parliament voted for no-confidence against Rajoy administration.

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