Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.05.2018 On Sunday, the newly elected President of Catalonia - Quim Torro – submitted his cabinet list to Spanish central government. In the cabinet list, many separatist politicians in jail waiting for the trial take place, as well as politicians in compulsory exile, who fled from the detainment of Spanish central government to abroad. For the reason many seperatist politicians in the cabinet list, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy blamed Torro on agitating themselves. In this case, Socialist Party in Catalan Parliament endorsed that Rajoy’s refusal to the list. That Rajoy refused Torro’s cabinet list means the continuation of central government’s grip over Catalonia. Catalonia, to be able to autonomously govern the region by itself, persuade Madrid administration of acknowledging the cabinet list. However, separatist leader Torro closely works with former Catalan leader Charles Puigdemont over formation of the new cabinet, which leads Rajoy to reject the list.

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