Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.02.2018 On Friday, bombing incident hit Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. The exploded cars targeted the presidency palace and a well-known hotel. In the bombing attack, 38 people unfortunately lost their lives as well as over 20 people got seriously injured. Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab terrorist organization assumed the responsibility of the attack. Right after the bombing assail, Al-Shabab militants opened fire against security forces and victims of the attacks, who stayed in the middle of the shootout couldn’t be evacuated to the hospitals on time. At the end of the firefight, Security forces announced that they killed all 5 terrorists in the shootout.

In the wake of the unfortunate and inhumane attack, the news related to that Somalian government acquired an intelligence about a possible terror attack and accordingly warned security forces for that one day before the bombing assail became the hot topic in the country. So, Somalian government held security forces accountable for all the civilian casualties. Bombing assails in Somalia has intensified recently. Because of Al- Shabab’s act of terrors, many civilians lost their lives and Somalian government has been incapable of hindering all those terrifying terror attacks. In 2017, 500 civilians were killed by bomb loaded cars.