Serhat TUNAR -TDO- On the day of Easter celebration in Sri Lanka, churches and hotels were bombed. At least 290 people were killed and 450 were injured. The government has announced a nightly curfew. 13 people were detained within the scope of the investigation.

In Sri Lanka, the day of the day when Christians celebrated Easter Day, the bursting sounds of the law drowned.

The Ministry of Defense reported that at least 290 people died and 450 people were injured in the attacks. The statement, 13 people were taken into custody, he said. Foreigners are known to be among the dead, while the Anatolian Agency announced the death of two Turkish citizens.

In the operations against the perpetrators of the attacks, 13 people were arrested. Radio New Zealand reports that in Sri Lanka, operations have begun following the terrorist attacks in which 290 people died and 450 people were injured.

3 police officers died during the operation and alleged suicide bombings.