Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.02.2018 In Brazil, President Michel Temer released a presidential decree for authorizing army for the security of Rio de Janeiro. On account of Rio de Janeiro Police Department’s insufficiencies in inhibiting the increasing crime on the streets, Rio Police Department will be taken under the control and inspection of the army with the presidential decree. By the virtue of this order, President Temer plans to clean up Rio de Janeiro Police Department from the corrupted and disgraced officers.

Brazil hasn’t encountered any military rule in the civic matters since 1988 following over 2 decade lasting military dictatorship. From 1988 on, Brazilian Military Forces was commissioned to only two events that were Summer Olympics in 2016 and World Cup in 2014 with the aim of providing the foreigners with their safety of life and property.

President Temer’s presidential decree prompted reactions from the opposition in National Assembly of Brazil. Because the opposition construed Temer’s order as a ‘coup’ to civil rule. Moreover, that Temer is trying to consolidate its authority with this presidential decree is among the claims of the opposition. On contrary to all these unfounded claims and statements of the opposition, the parliament has not taken action against Temer’s order yet. Brazilian parliament has an authority of overturning Temer’s decree.    

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