Mustafa AY – TDO – 24.12.2017 Danish authorities, on Friday, said they apprehended a 30-years-old Syrian asylum seeker from Sweden on account of that he plotted to assail on Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen with his 21-years-old partner. The operation was conducted by Danish security forces on the cooperation with Danish Intelligence Service. Danish Police made the statement “the man is going through prosecution for the reason that he attempted to terrorize Copenhagen by murdering innocents with bomb. 21-years-old Syrian asylum seeker, who was caught and convicted in Germany in July, was the part of this failed attack”.  

Danish authorities also listed the course of planned attack with details. According to them, Syrian asylum seekers were going to commit a knife assail on innocent Danishes and detonate the explosives thereafter. Since his 21-years-old partner has already been arrested for the attempted terrorism and interrogated, 30-years-old Syrian attacker could be stopped on time.