Mustafa AY – TDO – 02.11.2018 On Thursday, Egypt’s Sisi Administration announced that 5 Arabian nations’ –Kuwait, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan- military troops comprised of land, air and naval forces arrived at Egypt for military exercise to be conducted on 3-16th of November. In accordance with the official statement, Egypt will lead the exercise so as to bolster and reinforce the military cooperation between Arab alliance.

At the last month, Mike Pompeo - US Secretary of Foreign Affairs – paid official visits to those 6 Arab nations as well as Qatar and Oman with the aim of proposing predictable formation of a NATO-like Middle Eastern military organisation between those 6 Arab nations to stand against Iran. Since those Arab nations’ forces gathered in Egypt for military exercise, it’s the undeniable and apparent testimony of that all those nations reached a consensus on standing against Iran for Tehran’s overt intervention into interior matters of some Gulf nations as in Yemen.

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