News Center – TDO – To the International Food Product and International Hotel Equipment Specialization Fair which was organized by ANFAS Antalya Fair between 17-20 January 2018 in Antalya, German Federal Republic also joined with a stand.

The reason why the German Embassy in Ankara participated with a stand to the Fair of Food Product and Hotel Equipment is both that Antalya occupies and important position for Turkish-German relationships according to the Embassy and aiming to enhance the multifaceted business relationships between Turkey and Germany.

After the talk of ANFAS Chairman of the Executive Board Ali Bıdı, Turkish Exporters Assembly, Provincial Director of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Antalya Chamber of Commerce, Antalya governorate and the First Counselor of the German Federal Republic, Department Head of Economy and Commerce Dr.Rüdiger Lotz gave a speech.

Dr. Rüdiger Lotz;

“Antalya which is an attraction center” occupies a very important place for the Embassy in terms of Turkish-German relations. The main reason for that there are a high number of tourists coming to Antalya from Germany. Even though there has been a decrease in the last two years numbers are still high. The other reason is the important and special goods that are being exported to Germany such as spices.

Thus, having agriculture and tourism in this fair together is a successful combination that represents the weighed economic areas of Antalya. All these are the reasons why the German Embassy wanted to be a part of this fair with a stand. We want to strengthen the Attraction Center Antalya because it is reported that there has been an increase in the early bookings. On the other hand, the signals coming from the political arena point out to a moderation in the relationships between Turkey and Germany. We hope that the number of German tourists will increase in 2018. German tourists always appreciate the excellent service they receive in Turkey and the other vacation countries cannot provide the same price-quality relation. He concluded by saying that for these reasons they hope that the number of German tourists will increase in 2018.

Polish Ambassador to Ankara H.E. Maciej Lang and Kosovar Minister of Culture Dr. Hysen Sogojeva were among the protocol that participated to the fair.

The Food Product and Hotel Equipment Fair which is organized by ANFAS is the biggest and best-known specialization fair in the Antalya region. The fair is inclusive of all areas of the food and drink sector in Mediterranean region. The fair is especially visited by the specialists of the sector to examine and compare offers.