In its annual report, the human rights group Amnesty International urged the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council to give up their veto power in cases where atrocities are being committed.
The group underlined in their annual report that the year of 2014 was very bleak in terms of global responses to catastrophes. They also said that the hopes for the year 2015 were bleak. The report forecasts that “unless the world leaders act immediately to confront the changing nature of conflict and address other shortcomings identified;
• more civilian populations will be forced to live under the quasi-state control of brutal armed groups, subject to attacks, persecution, and discrimination
• threats to freedom of expression and other rights will be deepening , including violations caused by new draconian anti-terror laws and unjustified mass surveillance
• humanitarian and refugee crisis will worsen with even more people displaced by conflict as governments continue to block borders and the international community fails to provide assistance and protection”.
By Ceren Bregeon
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