“Greece treats refugees and immigrants illegally. Greece deports asylum seekers to Turkey against the law.” The source of these claims and accusations is Amnesty International.
Amnesty International has published a report called: On the Borders of Europe: Greece’s Human Rights Abuses on the Border with Turkey. It seems that Greece has committed so many human rights abuses that rather than being limited to a few newspaper reports, they fill up an entire report. The situation has become so bad that Amnesty International felt the need to prepare and publish such a report. Amnesty International makes strong accusations against Greek authorities in its report. In the Amnesty International report the fact is underlined that Greek border and shoreline security forces illegally deport immigrants and refugees trying to go to other European Union countries to Turkey. According to the findings of Amnesty International, Greece deports refugees and immigrants en masse. While carrying out this illegal operation, Greece does not consider the individual status of refugees and immigrants. Not content, Athens denies its victims the right to object. Furthermore Greece mistreats illegal immigrants during deportation, according to the Amnesty International report. Basing it on documents, Amnesty International openly claims that Greek security forces do not care for human life. According to the organisation’s claims, while hapless refugees and immigrants are illegally left to their fate en masse, their money and family keepsakes are confiscated or thrown into the sea.As Jezerca Tigani, Amnesty International Vice Director for Europe and the Middle East, underlines “what is happening on the Greek borders are a cause for shame not just for Greece, but for the European Union as a whole.” Tigani goes on to say: “The number of mass deportation claims we have received is very concerning. The number shows that although illegal, Greek authorities frequently employ this method. Mass deportations are extremely dangerous since they put serious risks on human life.”Greece had previously built a 10.5 kilometres long wall on the Meric land border with Turkey and sent an additional 2,000 border security personnel to the region. Amnesty International claims that more than 100 men, women and children, mainly from Afghanistan and Syria, have drowned while trying to reach Greece since August last year. There is no information on the loss of human life in international waters.The Amnesty International report is a cause for concern for everyone. The report not only shames Greece or Europe but any human being. Greece has been the subject of many reports previously, not only for its treatment of national and religious minorities but also for supporting terrorism. Perhaps the European Union should add some books along with the money it sends Greece in order to save the country. More money does not make a person or society more merciful and the Euro does not make one conscientious. Books might work.

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