News Center-TDO-Ramin Bahrami and Danilo Rea's Piano Bach is in the Air concert were performed at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and Altus Kültür-Sanat.

The concert was attended by ambassadors as well as many guests.


Bach's works take perfection out of everyday life. The most mysterious miracle in the world is the transformation of the beauty of life. The foundations of the successful career of Ramin Bahrami in the field of Bach were formed by the aria of the Goldberg Variations. After his first recording for Decca Record and his first concerts, his remarkable likes followed by his appearances on the best-selling CDs are among the indicators of the artist's success.

The tireless efforts of Bahrami have also contributed to the great recognition of Bach, the great "Kantor", both in Italy and worldwide.

Bach has emerged from a small miracle in the air. So much so that the master of classical music, the improvisational master, pianist Danilo Rea, has already been able to anticipate the success behind the possibility even without this miracle.

What is seen for the first time in the history of music and the unorthodox side is Danilo Rea’s improvisations and the original versions of the Bach-Bahrami that radically change them and carry the universal messages to the language of jazz.

This extraordinary project came into being with the mastery of Bahrami and the combination of Rea and creativity and imagination, which is not limited to art. The purpose of this new interpretation, born in this way, is to create a bridge for the ears that are accustomed to different tunes without denying Bach's original texture but by revealing its contemporary side, and by this bridge, more and more people are able to reach the great composer who has been up to date for three hundred years.

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