Following our Boko Haram dossier in May 2016, this month we turn to Al Shabab, the nightmare of eastern Africa.Al-Shabab which appeared in Somalia in 2006 is an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisation. The name Al-Shabab means “the youth” and the organisation indeed radicalises the poor and desperate young people of eastern Africa and includes them among its militants. Ideologically it demands sharia and implements in in southern Somalia which it controls. Members of the organisation belong to the Salawi-Wahabi creed.Al-Shabab carried out its first act of terrorism with car bombings against Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu in 2007. With these attacks, in which 73 people were killed, Al-Shabab came to be better known. Today a number of countries have joined forces to fight it.By Ali Faruk İmre
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