News Centre –TDO – Swiss Cuisine Days organised in cooperation between the Swiss Embassy and the Ankara HiltonSA Hotel will be held at the Ankara HiltonSA on December 3rd to 5th.

The Ankara HiltonSA will now hold Swiss Cuisine Days, after having held similar activities for Germany, Peru, Korea, Mexico, Chekia, Lebanon, Japan, France and Italy. 

Before the event, The Diplomatic Observer has tried the Swiss food.

The molten Gruyère and Swiss cheese fondue, prepared by HiltonSA Executice Chef Murat Taşdemir and served with pieces of bread, baby potatoes, silver onions, coconuts, cherry tomatoes and pickles was a delight.

The Diplomatic Observer would like to thank Marc Schumacher, General Manager of the Ankara HiltonSA, Ankara HiltonSA Food and Beverage Operations Director Cenan Balcı and marketing and Public Reltions Coordinator Pamir Kargın.


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