Members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Organisation (OECD) will account for 87 percent of the global demand for energy until 2030. As most of these countries have the aim of raising their economy to the level of development of the USA, Japan and Western Europe, the rise in energy demand from Asia and Latin America will continue over the next 20 years. During the first years of increased welfare in a developing country, a great rise is observed in demand for automobiles. AS of 2011, there were 700 automobiles per person in the USA, 500 in the UK and yet 30 automobiles per thousand people in China and 17 in India. As China and India become wealthier, the number of cars in these countries will increase. For this reason, a significant hike in the demand for petrol in China and India is expected in the coming years.Dr. Cenk Sevim – Energy ExpertYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of December