Mustafa AY – TDO – 15.10.2018 UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced that an atrocious attack on a bus full of civilians unfolded in Yemen’s port city of al-Hudaidah. As a result of the terrifying assail, 15 people lost their lives while 20 got heavily wounded, who were then taken to hospital for immediate medical treatment. Lise Grande -UN’s Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator for Yemen- denounced the brutal attack and offered her condolences to the families of victims. She didn’t share any information with regards to which party of Yemeni Civil War committed this crime.

As known, Riyadh administration has been executing its offensive campaign, which has been endorsed by both ground and air forces, against Iran-backed Shia Houthis since 2015. Throughout 3-year-long civil war, Saudi-led Coalition aircraft’s aerial bombardments caused deaths of thousands of Yemeni civilians including in 1248 children. From the end of August 2018 on, Saudi Royal Air Forces’ aircrafts intensified its aerial operations to seize the grip of al-Hudaidah port from Shia Houthis. Since Riyadh’s aerial bombardments have costed thousands of civilian lives, it reasonably brings the allegations, of which Riyadh might be accountable for this brutal assault, up.