News Center-29.07.2017- Chinese Military Attaché to Turkey, Zheng Qinli, and Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, Yu Hongyang, hosted a reception regarding the 90th birthday of Chinese People Liberation Army in Sheraton Hotel.

Program started with Qinli’s speech. In his speech Qinli said, Chinese military is a guarantee not for the development of China but for World peace. He stated that their army had significant roles in international arena such as UN peace keeping operations and terror operations. He noted that China sanded the biggest number of soldiers to UN missions with 30.000 soldiers.

Moreover, Qinli highlighted cooperation between Chinese and Turkish armies. He said ‘’ Throughout this year,  there will be high level meetings between  Turkish and Chinese senior military officers in order to plan the future of cooperation and communication between the two armies’’.

The Program, continued with cake ceremony and treat of traditional foods.