News Centre –TDO- On September 2, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Turkey and the Ukrainian diaspora in Turkey joined to the international event Light A Candle of Memory dedicated to the commemoration of the millions of the Holodomor victims who were inhumanely starved to death during the famine artificially orchestrated by the Soviet Communist regime in 1932-33.

It is 85 years since the commission of crimes and mass murders by hunger in Ukraine. During the worship taken palace in the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary (Ankara, Embassy of Vatican) the priest sent the blessing of Patriarch Bartholomew I. In his speech, he delivered the words of support and blessing to the Ukrainian people from the Patriarch.

The diplomats of the Embassy of Ukraine, ambassadors of Georgia, Malta and Lithuania, the Ukrainian community, diplomats from the US embassy, embassies of Poland and Finland, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and leaders of the Crimean Tatar community took part in the worship service and the commemorative event. Ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Sybiha appealed to the audience with a brief speech, in which, he noted that this the most tragic event in Ukraine's modern history was possible, first of all, because Ukraine lost its independence in that period of time.

Therefore, the strong and independent Ukraine now is a guarantee that such tragedies will never happen again. In the end of the event the participants lit candles and commemorated the innocent victims of the Holodomor. The participants also visited the thematic exhibition.