News Center-TDO-14.09.2017- Ambassador of Philippines, Marina Rowena Mendoza Sanches, hosted an event in the National Library regarding 50 Years of ASEAN and the awareness week.

The program started with Mrs.Sanches’s speech. In her speech, Sanches informed attendees about recent developments in the organization. She presented her appreciation to Turkey’s new position in ASEAN as ‘’ Sectoral Dialog Partner’’. She said that they planted a three in the garden of the library and hope arms of the three would rise in the air to represents tries of both ASEAN and Turkey to raise for prosperity and the friendship and cooperation between the organization and Turkey as the roots of the three grow. Also, she informed guests about a newly introduced part of the library that Turkish citizens could reach more things about ASEAN. Moreover, she briefed attendees about the photo exhibition that Show people, geography and biodiversity of the member states.

Secondly, Ambassador and the Chief of Asia -Pacific Region in Turkish Foreign Ministry Ersin Erçin took the stage. He stated ‘’ We appreciate that our statue in ASEAN as ‘’Sectoral Dialogue  Partner’’ accepted during the 50th anniversary meeting of the organization’’. He added ‘’In fifty years, ASEAN had made a success story, both brought peace and stability to the region politically’’.

The Program continued with dance and fashion shows and treat of traditional foods.