News Center-TDO-16.09.2017- Mexico’s Ambassador to Turkey, Bernardo Cordova Tello, hosted a reception in Cermodern regarding the 207th anniversary of independence.

Several respected guests including Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador, Ahmet Muhtar Gün.

The program started with Gün’s speech. Initially, Gün presented his condolences to all that lost their lives or injured in the earthquake happened on 8 September. Also, he highlighted some commonalities between the two states such as young population, economic structure, membersip to G20, OEC,  MIKTA and historical importance. Moreover, Gün said that the bilateral relations between the two states had developped much specially after high level visits.

Secondly, Tello took the stage. Like his collegue, Tello underlined commonalities  between these countries. Furthermore, Tello stated ‘’Mexico shown that its friendship is real as it had condemned the unfortunate assault on Turkish democracy’’.

The program continued with the treat of traditional foods.