News Centre –TDO- ADA (Ankara University State Conservatory ADA Culture and Arts StudentSociety) celebrated it’s 10. birthday with an amazing show, named as ‘’Only the Human’’, in Ankara University’s Tandoğan Campus.

Mother of the society, Güzin Yamaner who is also scholar in Ankara University State Conservatory Modern Dance Major Arts Department, made the first opening speech. She specially thanked to Shani Cooper and Israeli Embassy for their contributions to the society.

Secondly, Prof.Ömer Adıgüzel, Culture and Arts Coordinator of the University, gave a speech. He thanked to all followers and contributors of the society and families of dancers for their support to their children.


The show was organized by famous choreographer Ido Tadmor, his assistant Yoni Jonathan Soutchy, BurçakIşımer and Galip Emre. Audiences impressed by the show.