News Centre-TDO- On 21st of April, Talat Pasha Committee organized a panel regarding the 102th anniversary of Armenian Massacre of Muslims in Van, in Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center.

The program started with a call for a moment for the souls of martyrs and national anthems of Azerbaijan and Turkey. Following, the documentary about Armenian aggression in Anatolia and  Artin Penik who was an Armenian but committed suicide after ASALA’s terrorist attack on Esenboğa Airport, to show the importance of friendship and unity between the two nations, shown.  Later, President of the committee, retired General Ali Erdinç made the opening speech. In his speech, Erdinç highlighted the importance of ‘’unity’’ of Turks including Caucasian nations that were also victimized by Armenian aggression, to struggle more efficiently with an international lie of ‘’ Armenian Genocide’’. Additionally, he complained about the lack of support as the committee which is a non-governmental organization, try to achieve something without any formal help. He concluded his words as they had no problems with innocent Armenians and there’s no need for them to hesitate. He said they were working for the reveal of the reality and always would.

After Erdinç’s speech, the first session of the panel happened under the moderation of Erdoğan Karakuş who is a retired General and the President of TESUD. In this session, initially, Asst. Prof.Nejla Günay informed audiences about Zeytun Rebellions. She underlined the uniqueness of Zeytun’s geography which is a very rough countryside, located between the borders of the  3rd  and the 4tharmy corps and hard to control by military forces.She also said there were only four powerful Armenian families were living there who earn their life by making weapons from iron resurged from the soil and bullying. She gave the example of famous Çolakyan brothers. She said everything had begun by economic reasons but turned into something different by the decrease of Ottoman Empire’s power, the foreign pressure imposed on the empire in Paris Treaty and visits of missioners. Secondly, Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Taşkıran talked about Armenian violence in Van province. He said that Armenian’s attacked Muslim’s first, in order to help Russian army which was coming from Saray and Başkale, over Iran at the time,  to advance easily. He said Armenian groups killed Muslims and destroyed  Van city center. He added that in the first years of the republic, the Turkish government has built a new Van.  The deportation decision was given after a great number of Muslim life losses caused by  Armenian violence. He claimed that the deportation decision was desired by British and French forces as there was a division between Orthodox Armenians supported by Russia, Catholic Armenians supported by France and Protestant Armenians supported by the UK and they need to hinder Russians to progress on the ground.  He pontificated that this might be another reason of allied powers to open a new front in Çanakkale although experts warned that this would end up with a defeat.

The second session of the panel conducted in the moderation of  Hasan Korkmazcan who is the Deputy President of Vatan Party and Honorably President of the Parliamentary Union of Turkey. In this session, Prof. İbrahim Ethem Atnur who is from Erzurum gave information about  Armenian aggression towards Muslims in Erzurum and round.  He said who really did the massacre was Armenians. He said that Ottoman information services were aware of Armenian’s preparation process for the rebellion and they were arming. He said Enver Pasha wrote a letter, as a response to Armenian Patriarch to prevent some kind of an act. Also, the respected man was sent to Armenian community centers in the eve of World War I,  to persuade them to not to carry out violent actions and be loyal to the empire. Unfortunately, they did not listen. He indicated that Armenians killed about one million Turks and caused others to be displaced. He gave an example about his grandmother who was also victimized by Armenian aggression, forced to migrate and lost her fingers during the dangerous trip.After Atnur, Prof. Solmaz Rüstemova from  Azerbaijan Sciences Academy talked about Baku Massacre. She said Armenians who left Anatolia came to Azerbaijan and killed dozens of people. She asserted that Armenians were not sure about the establishment of an independent or autonomous Armenian state in Anatolia and tried their chance in Caucasus.  She suggested that  another reason why Armenian groups attacked  Baku is its  wealth and rich oil resources .

The third session of the panel happened in the moderation of Sadi Somuncuoğlu, President of the National Thought Center and former Minister.  In this session Efşan Safiyeva from Azerbaijan Sciences Academy, talked about Armenian violence in Caucasus and Mehmet Perinçek who wrote several books about  Armenian massacre of Turks-Muslims, provided evidence about  the  Russian cooperation with Armenians in their violent acts.