News Center-TDO- “Beautiful Shandong,Motherland of Confucius”photograph exhibition was opened in Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center with the collaboration of Chinese Embassy in Ankara and Çankaya Municipality.

Ambassador Dİng Li, former Minister of Health Halil Şıvgın and other guests attended to the reception. 

Kars deputy and Turkey-China Interparliamentary Friendship Group Chairman Ahmet Arslan's telegram was read at the opening.

In his opening speech, Ambassador Li reminded that this year was the 70th anniversary of China's foundation and stated that they organized cultural activities in this context.

Providing information on the subject of the photo exhibition in Shandong Province Ambassador Li said that 160 thousand square kilometers of area, population of more than 100 million, industry developed, agriculture in the future of Shandong's gross national product in the top three of China.

Emphasizing that the Chinese philosopher Confucius is one of the spiritual values ​​that China has inherited from the world, Ambassador Li said: “Confucius' legacy of the thought axes of 'belonging to all the people of the world, caring for harmony and resembling the world to a family with good neighborly relations' can be seen in China's diplomacy. Confucius is one of the important spiritual riches that China offers to the world. Peace, common development and unity of fate, mutual respect and cooperation, and this context is very similar to the ideas of Confucius.”

"President Xi's 'One Belt One Road' initiative within the scope of Turkey including more than 150 countries and international organizations, began to cooperate with China. A generation of our cultural and human relations with the depth of Turkey's cooperation with China on a road project our exhibition today is a good example for this. From now on, we will strengthen the mutual understanding of the people of the two countries, consolidate the foundations of our friendships, and expand the content of the two countries to a new level of cooperation."

Liu Dajun, Chairman of the Shandong Photographers' Delegation, who contributed to the organization of the exhibition, said the exhibition would improve cultural relations between Turkey and China.

The exhibition can be visited until 12th of July.